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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little ol' Greek baker, Me???

I figured I scared everyone off with my tiraids of late and discriptions of having the H1N!, so this is a bit lighter, Really!

I started my great experiment last night. I tried to make baklava.
I had an old Greek cookbook and memories of making them when I was in my preteens to guide me.
The cookbook had several glaring errors in it (according to my memories and some older Greek bakers) and so I finageled.
There was also an attempt to do something very different, using non-Greek ingredients (mincemeat).
The verdict?
From a panel of 4 distiguished eaters of food - 3 from my house and 1 visitor -

drum roll please....

A resuonding success!

What did I change?

I only used clrified butter in the process, no oil.
I used oragne flavor honey syrup (that i made myself) instead of lemon.
I used 7 layers of buttered fillo leaves then 3 of the nuts then 7 more (the book had 6 and I can not imagine why).
The mince meat was mixed with enough nuts that I did not have to deal with it being too sweet.
So 2 down and I will be doing more later, That was just plain great.
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