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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My daily tirade as of late...

So today was another mixed day.
We got the snow we have not for a month or so,
but i got into work fine and another person gave me a ride back home.
The machine which gave me fits yesterday, came back to life after I figured the software was messed up ...again.
I am still getting a service visit tomorrow.
My moods have been more frustrated than anything.
I am fairly certain I have been a person who likes to control things and that just is not possible now and it challenges my fears and insecurities.  It makes life very difficult for me.
I also think outside the box quite a lot and it bugs me when others do not.
The example is, on a day like this I would like to offer the mail person a cup of something hot as they do their rounds, but others (in this case in my house) are oblivious, the person just does their job and there is no more to be gained from it.
Of course at Christmas time I put a container of the Greek pastries for the mail person, but I can not do the same with something hot (of course silly, it would get cold).
Of well, I will deal and as always get tgrough it and grow some more.
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