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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A daily process

I am getting tired of doctor visits.
This long recovery is beginning to wear very thin/
So besides the main issue - the vision, where i go down to New York to see a Head Trauma Specialist/optomitrist,  I have my regular doctor who follows up with me doing blood tests and monitoring my general physical health.
March is the month for a physical, blood work and a stress test.
I also am going to a Orthopedic doctor for the fall i had hurting my shoulder and that involves physical therapy twice a week, then a visit to the doctor, then an MRI, then more physical therapy.
It just seems like my life revolves around doctors.
I could go to the gastroenterologist to see how my swallowing is doing, but I already know that the esophagus (which helps push food down) still is not working well, but it is better.
I wanted to go to a neurologist because i do not understand my brain at all.  It works better than ever, it is more creative, has better perception, but then it goes blank, like a circuit popped for a few seconds.  I will wait on that.
Also coming up is a visit to the neurosurgeon to insure that the tumor is not coming back.
I actually get exhausted thinking about all of this.
Such is the life of long term recovery.
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