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Sunday, July 4, 2010


The sun beat down unmercifully,
driving most people,
with any semblance of sanity,
but not me.
The garden beckoned me.
Calling my name,
"finish now what you began", it demanded.
And so into the triangle, where i had begun to thin out,
the one where the green monster had lived,
I moved.
i moved carefully
because what once was difficult,
was nigh unto impossible.
Keeping my balance that it.
So i moved,
without grace,
clearing weeds
and making tame what once was an untamed wilderness.
sweat poured off my heated brow,
that i did not mind,
but it fell onto my glasses,
distorted still more,
my distorted vision,
The plants that were left thanked me as i left.
Was it for leaving or for giving them room to breath?
I do not know for now i went inside to escape the sun's wrath.
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