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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Experiences for the day

Walking to work,
for it felt more like i was swimming through a wall of water,
the humidity was so high.
The high heat of the past few days was nothing compared to this,
this moisture which clung to my every step.

From the lab, on the eighth floor,
I spy a storm in the distance.
It is dark and intense,
but i see no flashes of lighting
nor hear any rumble of thunder.
Soon it is gone,
not coming near,
but clearing the air it seems.
A new intern, less vibrant,
 less interested than the last, but nevertheless a help.

Walking home i stop at a local store.
i know the owners,
but many times they are not there,
i stop anyway.
The help, i am sure wonders about this,
 but it is simple,
it is a flower shop.
i stop for the beauty of the plants,
the smells
and the people who do work there.

The air has cleared and is not so heavy.
The sun that was a haze,
is full and bight,
but it is not so hot as days past.
It is a pleasure to walk home.
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