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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A perfect day

It was a perfect day for a walk,
the sun was shinning gloriously,
tho for my taste it was a bit nippy with the wind whipping a cool air to a cold one.
The sun was as bright as it only gets in the fall and winter,
so bright, it was hard to see.
I walked about the small center of Stamford,
avoiding the shadows of the few tall buildings,
enjoying the sun shine.
My thoughts drifted to the week before
and work.
About the trap that would not be sprung
because of my own attitude.
Of the yapping dogs,
who were not dogs, but people,
worrying and carrying on about countless unimportant things.
People who seemed indifferent and distant,
i left them behind in my dust
and i walked
and i visited with people i knew.
This was a good day to be off!
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