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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Garden spring 2011

 We are 3 weeks ahead and have already experienced summer-type weather, but today it is back to spring with a coolness surrounding the yard.
A green wall now surrounds my quiet space on our front porch.
We were going to close it in, but this living wall is much better.

This is my place of quiet...

 Our borders are kept safe by a wall of roses,
briefly the small wild white ones take over the neighborhood with their scent.
 The Rose and the bleeding heart are some of those treasures we find...

There is a garden this early spring, with vegetables becoming ready.

And in the quiet shade, a calalilly prepares its blossoms, with a rose to encourage them.

For Erin:  I have not forsaken your blog, but i am unable to post due to some technical glitch.
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