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Saturday, May 12, 2012

facing mothers day without my mom

this is the second year,
last year was a blur
and no longer in my memory...
it was not pleasant,
but this year i am taking a different approach
for there are other mother who are out there
who are looking after me
in heart and spirit
and so i acknowldge each of them today.
For Marie, mother of one and community member
who has been there with me in all my trials for almost 38 years.
For Margarita, mother of three, co-worker,
who has offered me wisdom and emotional support for 26 years.
For irene, mothere of one, co-worker and friend,
who has distracted me with laughter and companionship for 19 years.
For Jenny, mother of 4 and co-worker,
who has managed to find time to check up on me to make sure i was okay for 10 years.
For Zakiry, mother of 2 and nieghbor,
who is just there with her children sharing stories and coffee for 3 years.
This is an acknowledgement of mothers, who are not mine, but have made my life better.
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