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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A full week

it was a week that was,
it did what i expected,
sapping the life from me,
supressing the side i have come to know as my heart.
It is , in some fashion good,
for my heart does not wish to fight
and this was a week full of battles.
My logical, statistical side
will fight over stupidness
and there was mucg stupidness at work this week.
Thing and requests for which there was no logic.
The actions to try to open a beach that by any point of view, should not be opened to bathing.
Yet the attempt to take time to force this was beyond belief.
The well water pesticide issue comes with a request for more data,
except the person who was hired to do this, had not.
Questions regarding summary results,
that were because a person was trying to understand statistics,
without understand the basic concepts.
Real issues with rabies in a skunk and tests in bats,
occupied my time.
And then there was a state inspection of the lab facilities for our ability to perform tests on shellfish water.
this took time, while all others were yammering.
Another pool closure - a hospital pool,
that i had occurred just before i left for my vacaation,
had to be tested to determine if they had cleared the problem.
It was a flash back for me...
to the time i "died" on the operating table
and found myself in a place of such peace,
that i did not want to leave
and still ache to go back to.
Then to find my self struggling for life and breath in the next instant,
this struggle for life and well being that has continued to this very day.
This week was like that struggle coming from an intense place of peace - except,
in my perception,
it was a struggle because of stupidness,
so i let my intellect take over and fight that battle
with no thought of peace for now.
I took all of this home -
that was not a good sign,
but i do not intend to lay back yet...
my time to leave is coming...
very soon.
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