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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still shaken and a bit stirred up

Not quite the James Bond Martini,
but i woke with all my muscles acing.
Not the ones were there were visible injuries,
but everything else!
With that said, i trudged off to work,
yes, you heard me right,
This requires some explaining because i did just fall into it,
almost as if by accident,
if i believed in such stuff as accidents anymore.
No this is a civil servant job,
a government job,
the kind everyone is railling against now a days,
but i took it to heart and found that i could acctually make a difference.
I could help people.
Making money was not the issue,
for if i wanted to make money,
i never would have taken this job.
The pay is easily less than 1/4 of what a private sector job would be
and by far more fun, with more variety
and again,
i am able to actually help people.
I got stirred up because there are too many people on the payroll for whom this is just a job,
something to pass the time and collect a pay check.
I actually have a reason to be there.
And off i go to face today's challenges and frustrations and yes, fights.

This will end soon,
then maybe i will live a peacefl life.
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