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Friday, November 23, 2012

Gifts and whatnot...

It is the day after
and the fog outside
clings to me,
chilling my very bones.

my thoughts are scattered,
but i am at peace,
feeling like i am looking out on a still sea.
betchai shared a picture of what i feel today.
To keep thankfulness in our hearts
for the entire year is always a challenge...
i will NOT be participating in the insanity of buying gifts and whatnot,
i will probably cook for others and let them enjoy...those will be my gifts
a small piece of me...
The smoked turkey was very good for yesterday,
but thee were some mistakes
and so i learn...
The recipe that i will use?
I will probably brine the turkey fist
(Soak overnight in a salt water solution and do a quick rince)
I will rub the meat under the skin with a mixture of maple syrup, paprika and salt.
The skin will only have the salt that soaked into from the brine.
This will make the turkey incredible.
There are leaves still on my trees (even after the early snow)
and my parsley and oregano are still green...
this should be a mild winter - not like last year,
but for New England - mild.
As i said my thoughts are scattered:
I have been thinking of the gifts that we all can bring to each other,
and how it effects the way each of us do things.
The method of those gifts might be different,
seem disconeccted and cause conflict,
for a person who is able to repair things might leaves tools scattered
and the person who can make things look prety might have and issue with this,
but if both focus on a finished product - the conflict is avoided
and both can work together in harmony
and the result will be really good.
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