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Saturday, November 24, 2012

the heart of life

it happened still again,
i had thoughts, feelings about something,
and with my words i was at a loss.
this is common for me, not unusual.
Thee are things i feel and see
and they are outside the boundries of description with mere words.

This frustrates those around me
for in my attempt to share the indescribable
i create something that is not what i had in my heart.

the normal process in human life is that tension is created,
So much to misunderstand.
I strggle,
they struggle,
this does not look good.

But long ago, i had found the answer.
The thing that difuses all of this,
the creates a better place...
for forgiving wrongs imagined and real
releases our hearts.
Only one need to start this
for it is by far more infections than the worst flu.
It will spread
and what would have been meant for harn,
is turned to good.
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