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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a phone call

i was lost in myself,
something that happens often
and it is not a good thing.
They started with a trauma they experienced today,
it is one that has been going on a long time.
I should know better,
but i opened my mouth for one second.
Then the torrent of anger was spewed toward me.
I understand.
I one day may learn to keep my mouth shut,
for i can not help you.
I can only listen.
You could not take the strange vision from me,
but you wanted to protect me
and that did not turn so well.
Now i would that i could protect you,
but i can not.
I do understand what i happening,
it happened to me.
I could not help my vision,my balance,
my coughing,
nor my difficulty taking in food.
You can not understand why a thief is not being punished,
but it is the same,
for what is here has nothing to do with anything,
We learn to accept and continue on,'realizing that our journey here is very, very short.
The only one who will change that,
is not us,
it is God
and it seems for now,
that we are learning more
 with out the situations being changed.
I think i can vouch for that,
for my life has been changed immensely by acceptance.

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