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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

backing away

There have been strange,
difficult things happening in my life as of late.
I am backing away from the now.
Slowly, carefully,
they should not have been
and there is some heartache,
some loos,
but i know it is over.
I now look for the directions i should go
and they are all around me.
I will embrace newness,
that does not ask me to destroy what i have,
but to add to it.
It was important for a bit,
actually a long while,
but it needed to end.
It is funny, they think they ended it,
but i know what i have done
and it was me,
ended willfully,
You can not ask some one to throw away a lifetime
and not expect this in return.
There were people hurt in what is collateral damage,
but i am very aware i was not the root for their pain.
I need to back away now
and find my path again.
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