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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

no regrets

so cold out....
It always effects my mood, my mind, my heart.
So i reflect and these are good.
The cold took some people away,
but i have a feeling,
as usual,
it was not of their doing completely.
It is okay,
for here things are transient
and maybe we prepare for that which is not.
Loves in my life,
so many,
not lovers, but loves.
Far more important,
far deeper for we share,
for a time anyway,
our souls
and there is nothing deeper than that.
I pity those who choose people as possessions,
use them to keep.
None of us can be kept.
Things happen and they drift us apart
or in some cases are torn apart,
seemingly without mercy.
It is cold out,
the snow lingers and does not melt.
The trees are bare
and a wind howls
and it freezes the very depths of me.
These do not go on forever,
but each of those loves do.
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