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Thursday, May 22, 2014

its back!

The crowd had been worked to a frenzy.
"The monster", a woman cried, "It kill my baby and I".
No one wondered how,
though she said she had been killed,
she could sound an alarm,
their anger grew.
They approached the beast,
with pike and fork and fire
and gathered round him.
The beast was not of some mad man's making,
like Frankenstein;
Nor was it some experiment gone out of control,
like the hulk.
No, this monster was one of both,
their own and his making,
a dragon of sorts.
For the dragon seemed to breath fire,'tho none was hurt
and had claws to rip them limb from limb.
yet no blood was split.
A mighty roar,
smoke belched out
and the dragon was no more.
Children were told to stay away from where the monster had lived
and fear spread throughout the land,
but no sighting of the monster was made.
He sat still on his porch,
a monster no more,
but no one recognized him
nor crept past in fear.
No one spoke to him,
for that was were the dragon had lived.
No one saw him anymore,
but the gardens flourished
and the flowers grew
where once the dragon had lived.

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