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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The aroma of Spring

First there are colors,
bright splashes of yellow
and white
and pink.
Then the greys and browns,
begin to turn green,
how sweet the sight.
Leaves and flowers
making a glorious noise to the return of life.
in my garden,
the purples of lilacs
and the delicious aroma,
telling me Spring has come
and winter is a far way off,
An experiment last fall,
seeds of phlox were strewn along the garden wall
and they also came,
announcing their presence with color
and a sweet delicious smell.
The lilacs have faded,
the phlox is fading,
but not yet gone,
yet still,
one more makes its way on the scene.
For a brief week,
in wild abandon,
the small white roses,
along the fences of the garden,
join their voice,
with that aroma,
over powering the smells,
 of the urban environment where they grow.
This morning,

i awoke to this
and there is nothing better to come!
Spring is complete,
let Summer come!

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