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Thursday, May 15, 2014

today the weather brought me home

I stepped outside
and it was coolish,
as it often is in New England,
but not like normal for this time of the year.
Late Spring,
in New England it is still cold,
not cool.
It was also damp and humid
and not in an unpleasant way
and i was transported back to another place and time.
I was so young then
and the dew berries were ripe,
those luscious kernels of black sweetness.
I would so out as a youngster
and dare i say it?
Yes, i would go out even as a teen,
the thought of that fruit would draw me,
even when there were more important things to do.
There was always humidity and it was not cool,
for this was the south,
neither the heat,
nor the humidity ever bothered me.
So for but a brief instant i was brought back home
and i smiled a deep rich smile that came from the depth of my heart,
from long ago ...
and far away.
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