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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Several times in the past few weeks,
i have been faced with the many things,
 i have done in the past.
I have no regrets,
instead, i am amazed
and others,
who do not know me,
might think i am not telling the truth.
The same look passes on peoples faces,
when i speak of my mom
and the many things she accomplished,
but this is me
and i have witnesses still living.
I have done so many things,
beyond my job,
which was incredible in of it self
and i do not like speaking of it oft'.
It seems like boasting.
I did not start many things,
but rather i was part of many things,
always with others.
A time of giving to those who did not have,
whether clothes or food or shelter.
Being with,
not simply visiting
or even living with
the poor.
Befriending those with mental illnesses
and even inviting them into our home to stay.
Staying with those,
who are living with incurable diseases,
during their last moments of life.
I failed many times,
to live up to my own expectations,
but it seems those were rare.
I bonded with those past their prime of life
and wept when they left this earth.
I tried to give freely of what i had been given,
for all that i had,
was only a gift.
I wept
and laughed
and played
and worked
with all manors of people,
not thinking it was strange.
I failed at times to bond,
to those whose struggles were deeper than i could imagine
and there i have some regrets.
I danced
and i played in this thing we call life
and kept to the background
for i never wanted a spotlight.
I painted and was requested to do more
and i still have a few of my paintings not sold.
i supported a DJ,
with light shows and "effects"
and danced until morning.
I help a friend run a restaurant
and supported another in several other endeavors.
Web designs,
computers were but simple toys to me
and i did them all.
Do not speak to me of what you do not know,
for all of this was part of my life,
i am satisfied,
though perhaps i am most happy,
about the first stanzas of this post
and none of this was through my main job,
which i will leave for another time.

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