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Thursday, December 3, 2015

hate begets hate, love begets love (King James English)

My heart has been troubled,
for a long time now.
i see the divid getting worse,
those who hate
and those who do not.
All are being drawn to that hate side,
whether through fear
or anger that is not reconciled
or intent of malice,
of harm and hurt.
There will be debates,
there will be calls for action,
The true enemy has not been called out
and so it will happen again
and again
and again.
I dislike seeing the 2 divides so clearly,
yet i recognize that each lives in each of us
and it is up to us to chose,
not daily,
but every moment of every day.
We must love,
even when there is hate.
Standing up to the many forms of murder that live in our own hearts.
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