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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Satisfaction - an introduction

This concept has been rattling around my brain for a bit, but is incomplete and so it will be a multi-part series and I do not know the ending, for that has not happened yet.

I had no conscious goal in life, no list of things I wanted to accomplish, no list of things I wanted to do.  So here is the beginning of confusion, but also the answer for it all.  I believe, in all things, I have been guided by my heart.  Saying that seems strange for someone so immersed in the sciences, yet indeed that was my guide.
I had desires and thoughts and fantasies, so my path was not always clear and the ride that is this life was very, very bumpy, often.
Some where it is written that the heart is deceitful and I suppose that is why my road has been so unusual, yet I would not trade one moment of this life.  To define that I wanted, love and comfort and family would be simple and it was those desires that brought me to a Spiritual life in a small Christian community.  This brought me satisfaction in serving my fellow man, especially those who did not have much.  My seemingly natural ability for math and the sciences, particularly chemistry, brought me to my work, which turned into more than I could ever have imagined.
So I have two paths, so it would seem, coming from my heart and both paths lead to the same place, joy.
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