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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Each new day

Has been better, but if i would look at yesterday vs today, it wiuld be worse. Why?
I am more discombobulate and confused, a few more tremors and no more clear vision. Am I worried? Not at all, becaue it is better than the day before, I seemed to have lost the fever with medicine change and hae foud the current management of the headache effective.
If I looked a week ago, I would not recognize me because there is such a great change.
Reality tho, I am still completely disabled at this time.
When I came to Stamford, in 1977, I came for a spiritual quest which I did not understand. Frank and Marie came for one they did inderstand and form them the area was mostly barren. Not saying people are not spiritual, just the way of being, your spirituality, was not first.
Finding people to understand what was wanted at St. Luke's was even harder. We did not want t be to whities who came in and did what thet thought would help and then go home to the safety of our middle class homes at night.
Walter and his wife, the german, Bob, Penny, Jill and myself moved into the building as it was still being changed...The neighbothood noticed. Two sisters who lived a couple of streets away came down and started helping, An organist from down the streets helped with services.
Several people in the beat up homes across the street, who did not and some who did came over. Some people from some of the oversight clergy's home churches came, Episcopal, in Greenwich, Old Greenwich and Darien and they spent much of their free time with us. With Frank ,Marie and their son, this was the initial communitty of St Lukes.
An Emergency Shelter for agencies to refer people to, a clothing exchange (think person to person) for the neigborhood, The large emergency shelter for the red cross to use was functional, but not a full reality yet.
The chapel had services again and the summer camp had some respect..but there was a lot more to come.
If I told you we came to perfect harmony each time, or even most of the time, it would be a lie. That most of us had to continually struggle with out ideas being the best or our way being the best was the truth. That we tried to substitute our ideas with what we believed together as real and would be the best for the people in the neighborhood was a struggle.
I may add more to this but I now need to rest.
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