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Monday, September 1, 2008

I am ready to go now

Yesterday I had the most energy since being here - I am ready to go.
I can't see right yet, but it is better everyday.
I still am not swallowing properly, but also is normalizing, but I don't know if I could control what I ate yet, so maybe a few more days.
I still get a fever, but I am not finished with the IV antibiotics, Okay so we let them finish.
he worst/best thing is last night and today I have been coughing up stuff. It hurts, but it really is a positive.
I still can't walk without a walker, but I coud do that on my own without help, just need the walker at first.
I had so little energy before that none of these thoughts were possible, falling asleep midsentence.

one thing to remember about St. Lukes is that there was only a core of 12 people running the programs, the priest from the 3 churches were not involve that way and the people of the neighborhood were involved in the places of their interest(no fault there, just reality) And the volunteers coming in from other chuches came at their convience (If there was a heavy snow on a thursday, that dinner woulf not arrive), And other volenteers came at a whim and when they realized that it was really work, many left.
We were there 7 years and the episcopal church decided it needed clergy to take over and we were asked to leave and we did.
They changed the name to St Lukes Community services, got lots of paid staff, left at 5, shut the neighborhood programs down and not only did not talk about us laying any kind of foundation, they denied we were ever there.
We all were hurt and bitter at first, but we let it go and that took time, we each greived in our own way, we did not work down their for us.
My self I usually stuff anger down and blow up at the wrong people at some time, I think I mostly just stuffed it down and nevef wanted to see the inside of a church again.
Most of the core people in the community stayed as a community, tho some went ther own way which was good for all of us.
Frank went to Family Centers to work with housing for mentally disable people. I continued working with the state mental heath association one might a week and of course the health department.
My parents came to visit. And I got to show them CT, then they moved to colorado after my dad retired.

all in all today feels like a good day.

So I guess the reallity is, I am anxious, I have been here too long and remember much to little of it. Sometimes it seems like a dream, somethings it just is not there. I wnat to go home to my garden and family and pets. i gave it all up for this time, now it is coming soon to have it back. But tonight I am getting really tired again and sleep will come quickly, before 9.

Good night all
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