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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a day

The whole of Stamford and Darien was out to get me today!
Because of the work, I could not leave until 2 PM and I really needed to leave at 1:30.
There is no one else to do the work and it is important for everyone's health.
It is something I need to work on, but I do not see my options.
Things are breaking open tho...I have to wonder if my dad is around whispering in my ear about all that weirdness feelings, he was the financial wizard, but the feeling really have nothing to do with money.
It all has to do with attitude. If you look at the stock market it is run by a few forces, one is greed and we all know about that, it usually gets us no where fast, especially our spiritual part.
Then there is the other portion which is either hope or the lack of it. Hope infiltrates people and "powers" and creates a better attitude. The lack of it creates despair. Hope defeats a lot of evil.
When the "tea party expose'" broadcast from comedy central, I laughed and felt sorry for those deluded people, who seemingly where happier that already rich, greedy people took their savings, but it was not okay to help the "least of these", the ones who were losing the little they had. Strange attitude.
So Ricardo and Matthew, don't get your money hopes up, but hope is looking up and it might help in that area also.

The final is a picture especially for Libby, the weeds in the picture are catnip, which took over a large part of the garden. The neighborhood cats are happy, but i am not! It seems that catnip is actually harder to get rid of than pernicious mint, which at least has a purpose for me and can be enjoyed by me.
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