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Sunday, January 19, 2014

persons in my life

Those feelings,
come in waves,
they are not emotions,
i am sensing other things,
i do not know.
It is time to move on,
they were apart of me here and now
and they will be apart at another time,
but not anymore.
It is no one who has a blame,
it is how this life works
with death being the final good bye
...or is it?
almost hand in hand with love,
love does not die,
you did not know that?
Here it is corrupted and twisted,
but there,
it does not die.
you have patterns,
so do i.
Are they helpful
or not?
connection remain,
but you do not know.
you walk away and try to turn back,
you want to turn back,
but something interferes.
You and i do not understand,
but we must move on.
It is okay,
we will see each other again.
My mother strokes the back of my head again.

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